One card - Unlimited possibilities

Metacard came with the aim of improving the communication of professionals regardless of industry. With our basic saying "Every professional needs ONE card", we have created the innovative Metacard digital business cards so that everyone can transfer their data to any smartphone they want with a single TAP, without having to print and carry thousands of paper cards.


Recycle now all the paper business cards you have and make the transition to ONE card, your Metacard! You can choose the one that expresses you the most or even create one 100% personalized Metacard. If you are a fan of the "sophisticated" then definitely the metal Metacard deserves a little more your attention.


  1. You can transfer your data 50,000 times with a single TAP!
    Now that you know this information, calculate how much it would cost you in money and time if you distributed the corresponding amount of paper cards.
  2. The recipient of the card saves your data in real time and has it with him forever, as your contact is now transferred to his Smartphone.
  3. You have your OWN digital profile to which you can add as many links as you want beyond your contact details, but also modify it as many times as you want.
  4. You provide the opportunity to those who transfer your profile to easily look for you in his contact list Smartphone them or share your contact after the end of your meeting.
  5. Whatever METACARD product and choose you will see the people you share your contact to be impressed and smile in the moment. One move is enough for everyone to understand that they must follow you to reach the future.


Did you know that 90% of the paper business cards that a professional will print end up in the trash, 8% in recycling and only 2% will be used intensively?
By choosing Metacard products you can significantly reduce the ecological footprint of your professional life, as the composition of the cards is made of recycled PETG plastic or recycled metal alloy. At the same time, replacing the traditional paper card with a Metacard reduces deforestation to meet paper needs.


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