The success of teams lies in proper communication!

"To be heard, you must speak correctly, not loudly!"

Provide each member of your professional team with the tool they need to smartly, quickly, and ecologically improve your business's extroversion.
ONE professional card from the future, holds all the information and promotes the innovative profile of each organization.

Improve all the extroversion departments of your business!

Management teams:

  • Change starts from the top.
  • Spread in your business environment, the benefits of innovation.
  • Inform the business cycle in real-time about the news of the organization you manage.

Sales team:

  • Stand out with a single TAP.
  • Offer your customers a new digital experience.
  • Unique functions for every occasion.

Marketing team:

  • Create a personalized profile for each campaign.
  • Combine your offline & online communication strategy.
  • Calculate the ROI from each Marketing action with accuracy and ease.
  • Highlight your company's ecological sensitivity.

Human Resources team:

  • Check support staff rights.
  • Transfer cards among employees.
  • Easy transition for every new employee.
  • Integrate your HR system to make updates with one click.

See here how much you save by switching your cards to METACARD

You save


How modern businesses benefit from using Metacard;

  1. By using Metacard business cards, businesses save more than €150 per employee annually, according to research
  2. Productive hours of employees increase as the time spent searching for clients, partners, or suppliers is eliminated.
  3. The extroversion of the organization or business is promoted.
  4. The company's ecological footprint is significantly reduced. For every Metacard incorporated into your business, you avoid producing up to 100,000 paper cards.
  5. Modernizing one of the most traditional processes in the business sector, promoting the innovative character of the organization.

How it works:

  1. Place your order, consulting the wholesale department. Choose the number of employees, cards, or accessories and complete your order.
  2. Confirm the sample you will receive from the design team.
  3. Design each employee's profile and update the information as many times as needed.
  4. Once you receive the Metacards you created, distribute them to each employee and get ready to make the transition together.
  5. The Metacard team will stay by your side, to help you benefit from and utilize every feature that will help your company grow.

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