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Custom Personalized Metacard

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The most impressive way to introduce yourself!

Create an exciting and memorable experience for the people you meet, as with just one TAP can store your contact details directly on their phone via smart business card METACARD.
Give them the opportunity to easily look for you in his contact list Smartphone them or share your contact after the end of your meeting.


  • Built-in NFC technology
  • Dimensions 85x54mm
  • Powerful latest generation chip
  • Recommendation from recycled PETG ♻️


The combination of NFC technology and QR code covers the majority of Smartphones on the market.

iPhone Xs and newer models:Just tap on the top of the devices.

iPhone 6 to X:Choose to use the QR code.

Android devices:Check that NFC is open from the quick menu(quick menu)or scan the QR code.


The charge for shipments within Greece is free of charge for all our products.

-Simple METACARD are sent in 2-4 days to your place.
-The production process of a personalized METACARD is done within 48 hours and immediately after it begins its shipment.