Why should you invest in NFC business cards?

In an increasingly "noisy" market, it's harder than ever to make your brand heard. If you want every part of your business to increase its communication image, now is the right time to make the transition on NFC business cards METACARD and eliminate identical and non-eco-friendly paper business cards.

The need for unique business cards that stand out is essential for all types of businesses. THEBusiness cards haven't lost their utility in the digital transition — but they certainly need to be updated as technology advances.

What makes an NFC business card unique?

An NFC business card looks no different than a traditional business card, as it contains the usual printed information you'd find on a paper business card. However, what makes them unique is the hidden NFC chip that can only be "read" by another NFC-enabled gadget. This technology enables you, as the business owner, to embed a custom URL on the NFC chip that automatically directs customers who "read" the business card to exclusive content on your website. This way you can explain your products and services easier and faster.

You can seamlessly transfer from METACARD your business card to an NFC-enabled phone in real-time your contact information. This makes it easier not only for you, but also for anyone in your business to share business information with potential clients, while promoting the innovative face of your company. NFC business cards METACARD they can also be easily reprogrammed, so if you make any career changes you don't need to reprint new cards, just update the ones you already have online!

In addition, NFC business cards METACARD they are the same size as traditional paper cards. Thus, they easily fit in any wallet or card holder. NFC-compatible gadgets can also read information on the business card within a radius of about 3-4 centimeters via a contactless connection. By having business cards that can provide contact information, links to websites and digital files you stand out without shouting, but speaking the language of the moment.

Invest in NFC business cards METACARD and gain immediate competitive advantage and greater corporate reputation.